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Demographics of the Survey

By ceo ·
An interesting question to have added to the survey would have been something like.

What portion of your training was focused on Microsoft operating systems?
25%, 50%, 75% 100%

or something that solicited information about the respondents non-microsoft experience.

In my experience when the IT department is asked to look at an OS other than Microsoft they become very flustered because they don't usually understand any else or if the senior staff do, they fear they won't be able to find support staff that does.

Microsoft is more of a marketing success story than a technology success story.

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What survey?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Demographics of the Surve ...

I didn't get any survey.
I'm going to eat some worms.

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why eat worms, they'll only give you

by Deadly Ernest In reply to What survey?

worming tablets as a dessert. Eat ants as they give you that tickling feeling inside as they go down.

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Senior management

by shasca In reply to What survey?

You don't question senior management!!!!!! What were you thinking???

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senior management -- senior moments -- there's a reason for

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Senior management

the similarity in names and behaviour

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