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    Demoting PDCs 2 join a nu domain asa BDC


    by jt@rcg ·

    I have a question about demoting a PDC of one domain, and attaching it to a new domain as a BDC via a VPN connection. Is it possible and what kind of problems will I encounter in doing something like this?


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      Relocating PDC’s/BDC’s

      by walterj ·

      In reply to Demoting PDCs 2 join a nu domain asa BDC

      You will have to reinstall NT Server, at the new domain, as the original SID’s will not work at the new domain. This is true for any PDC or BDC. Are you thinking about replicating via the VPN or what’s your thoughts for it at the new domain?

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        Moving just a BDC

        by austinadkins ·

        In reply to Relocating PDC’s/BDC’s

        You wouldnt have to reinstall if you were moving a BDC would you, if you demoted it to a member server first?


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