Denied Access to C: Directory on local workstation

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I recently came on board as the systems specialist in a small public library. Before I came, there were 4 word processing workstations on a domain of which the whole system crashed, and the wp workstations could not talk to the domain. I have been working with one workstations where I have reinstalled Windows 2000--these particular workstations are in a domain coming off a win2003 server. As the Administrator, I can log in locally, install programs, etc, I can log in as Administrator and log in to the domain, install programs, etc, however, when I log in as the Administrator to the public profile, I do not have access to the c:drive. I know that this is a permissions issue and have looking just about everywhere to review permissions. Any ideas out there.

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Local security policy or Domain GPO

by bart777 In reply to Denied Access to C: Direc ...

It's got to be in one of those locations.
If this is a case of you just not being able to see the C drive in Explorer then that is a local policy. If you are having actual denied access errors then I would look to the GPO on the DC for the culprit.

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Group Policy

by retro77 In reply to Denied Access to C: Direc ...

Go to your DC and review all of the Group Policies. Look for one that restricts access to the C:. I use Microsoft's Group Policy Management Console for a graphical view of the OUs/GPOs as well as what setting are getting applied.


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by scott_heath In reply to Group Policy

Computer policies will affect a PC no matter who is logged in and User policies affect only specific users. When you log in with the problem click on Start then Run and type rsop.msc and click OK. This will run the Resultant Set of Policy wizard which will tell you specifically what policies are being applied and from where.

Or you could have screwed up permisisons on the system drive because of the re-install. Check the Security tab of the C: drive and make sure it all looks copasetic.

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