Deny access to Internet to a single user

By rciafardone ·
Hello. I need help. How to deny access to internet to a specific user on a specific machine.

This is the configuration:

Internet DSL router is conected to ethernet hub.
Everyone connects to same hub.
Everyone has static IP.
No proxy
Windows Server 2003 on Domain Server.
Machine runs windows 2000 pro.
Other users of same machine must have access to internet.

Thanks for your help.

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Create an access rule on your router

by Dumphrey In reply to Deny access to Internet t ...

blocking that specific user since all IPs are static...
Every router is different but its probably a fairly simple task in the web gui for your router.

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Configure the web browser to use a fake-proxy

by robo_dev In reply to Deny access to Internet t ...

and apply it only to that user's profile.

Add a policy setting to restrict the user from changing the proxy settings of IE.

Make sure that user does not have administrative rights, obviously.

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This will stop the user no matter what machine he/she logs onto.

by Jacky Howe In reply to Deny access to Internet t ...

Restrict user to access the internet from Windows Server 2003 Ent.
In Active Directory Users and Computers create a Security Group in Security Group NoIe.

Right mouse click on, on the Domain Name and make an Organisational Unit named NoIe. Right mouse click on it and select Group Policy click on Open.

Right mouse click on Group Policy Objects select New and type in NoIe.

Right mouse click on NoIe and select Edit.

Navigate to User Configuration \Windows Settings \Internet Explorer Maintenance \Connection \Proxy Settings.

Set all instances of proxies to "" or any non-valid proxy address.

Navigate to User Configuration \Administrative templates \Windows Components \Internet Explorer \Internet Control Panel and disable the Pages that you do not want the User to access especially the Connections Page.

Close the Editor.

Right mouse click on the NoIe Organisational Unit and select Link an Existing GPO and select NoIe.

Add the Users that you do not want to access the Internet to the Security Group NoIe.

Add the Users that you do not want to access the Internet to the Organisational Unit NoIe.

Left mouse click on Start and select Run

Type in gpupdate /force and select OK.

When it has finished updating press n.

Works with XP and Vista

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