Deny Shutdown for another user

By van_helsing_80 ·
Is there any way to prevent a user to shutdown the computer until all other users are logged out completely.
To be more specific, I want to disable the shutdown button for the guest account when the administrator is logged in the computer.

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This will not solve your problem.

by Chris910 In reply to Deny Shutdown for another ...

If they push and hold the power button everything shuts down.

The proper approach to this is Training.

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by van_helsing_80 In reply to This will not solve your ...

I totally agree with you, but still I am looking for a solution

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I sort of have an answer

by .Martin. In reply to Deny Shutdown for another ...

I only know how to prevent other users from turning of the computer at all.

if you have Windows 7 (or probably Vista, maybe XP) in a flavor that has the Local Security Policy Editor (W7 and Vista - Ultimate, Enterprise, Pro. XP - Pro)

open 'Local Security Policy' (in Administrative tools, either in control panel or in start menu)

under 'Local Policies':

under 'User Right Assignment', change 'Shut down the system', by adding/removing users/user groups that you want to be able to shut down the computer.

under 'Security Options', change 'Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without having to log on' change to enabled.

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