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Deny user acces to Internet

By jbeaucaire ·
I have a user that is abusing the internet and want to either limit the use of the internet or deny access all together. We run a WIN2000 server and the user has a WIN2k system. What is the best way to accomplish this?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Deny user acces to Intern ...

With a Group Policy Object that denies the user the ability to run Internet Explorer or to make changes to the settings.

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by ewgny In reply to Deny user acces to Intern ...

The best way would to put the user at the end of the unemployment line. But see my answer here for how to do it using group policy

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by zaferus In reply to Deny user acces to Intern ...

Create a group and edit the GPO to set the default gatway to an IP that doesn't exist. Put the user in this group.

Problem solved. We did this for a school and when student's abused their Internet they went in the group for a 'detention' of sorts! They could still do everything on the network, but their Internet access was totally gone as long as they were part of that group.

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by nlatsha In reply to Deny user acces to Intern ...

If you are using a proxy server that utilizes NTLM authentication, specifically deny that user access through the proxy.

Static IP's - set up DHCP to force a specific IP on that user/box, or set up a static IP for him, then:

Set an internal router ACL up to deny port 80/443 destined for the internet.

Block him at the firewall or external router for that matter.

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by mm212 In reply to Deny user acces to Intern ...

If you are using an ISA server, you can deny Internet access by group. Reply to this saying you use an ISA server and I'll put together instructions on setting this up.

If you are not using an ISA server, but are using Active Directory, set a policy for this person (group of people) so their proxy server is a non-existant IP address. They would still be able to change their proxy server if they know where to go unless you lock that down also.

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Internet access Management in MS ISA 2006 Standard Edition

by kutlwano79 In reply to

steps how to configure MS ISA 2006 Standard Edition to control internet access?Your help will be highly appriciated.

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