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DEP and Thumbnails

By dragonfly ·
I don't know if anyone else has encountered this latest in entertaining Microsoft foibles, I don't see much on the Internet about it. My search led me to your article on the DEP system Microsoft is working on:

I had a problem wherein every time I created a new video or saved a picture from my Digital Camera, my Explorer would explode when I clicked on the containing folder. Hmmm. . Restart? Nope, same problem. Run a virus scan? Came back clean. Save to another directory? CRASH!

Upon further investigation, I decided to go ahead and disable the DEP on my system. Guess what? Windows XP automatically generates a thumbnail for every new picture in a folder set to display thumbnails, and that's data execution! Hence, in order to use the Operating System even close to correctly, I have to choose between the convenience of a Microsoft-created thumbnail view and the false sense of security created by a Microsoft-created, wholely ineffective DEP system.

I just thought someone might find this amusing!

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