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Deploy Exchange not in NETWORK or DOMAIN

By Network Ninja ·
can someone explain to me how, or point me to resources online, where i can deploy an exchange server outside of workgroup,and not in a domain.

Here is the scenario:

I have a T1 with 5 Public IPs, now one of those IPs is assigned to my netgear fvs 318, and i have my whole workgroup behind that. Now outside the netgear fvs 318, i figured i would put my dedicated BOX just for exchange server. Now should i use WIndows 2003 Server, and then add exchange server, or use Small Business cuz it already has it. I would then point my OUTLOOK clients to find the exchange server thru http or that other protocol that exchange uses, since they are not considered to be local on the network. One question i have is I keep reading that exchange requires domain, yes or no? I also am wanting to give remote access to people via Outlook Web Access, and possibly even with Outlook 2003. I also want to enable smartphones from microsoft to find it.

Basically how can offer me to use my OUTLOOK 2003 and other devices to find it, if IM not on their domain. I dont want to use them, because i want to host our data here. How to i make my route to my exchange server IP address. What in GoDaddy do i need to modify, mx records, etc, etc. Can an exchange server be responsible for email from 3 different domain names?

Thanks for your time, remember you dont have to exhaust yourself explaining, you can send me USEFUL links, even though i have spent alot of time LOOKING.

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by Jim_MacLachlan In reply to Deploy Exchange not in NE ...

Change your MX records to point to the public IP of the email server. Make sure you open port 25 in your firewall for it. Also, change your A record for that IP address to be the same name as your email server & make sure that a reverse lookup is the same - IOW, an nslookup on the name of the mail server & on its IP yield the same info. ISP's can get sloppy - mine did & it hurts.

In Exchange, go to the recipent policy & add the domain(s) (yes, you can have more than one). After adding, make sure you right click on the policy & tell it to 'apply now' & then run the RUS. You should see the policy apply to your users. Remember this will add all domains to all users, so you want to choose the default domain for those that have the most users. You'll have to manually go in & take the autoupdate off for those that have a different default domain & set their default correctly.

Hope this helps - Jim

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