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Deploy multiple outook user accounts

By c.armstrong ·
My problem is I have 60 staff and 700 students which require outlook accounts created, I have all their details ie login details passwords etc,server details, Each user has an individual profile created in thier user area.

I want to be able to run a script to set up these accounts, at the moment the only way I can see in creating them is logging on as each individual and creating their outlook account testing it and logging off. This will take an incredible length of time. Is their an easy way to do this. We are using 2003 server with exchange server standard which we are upgrading to the enterprise version

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by pierrejamme In reply to Deploy multiple outook us ...

There is one major flaw in your plan. You should NEVER know anyone's password!
Just suppose one of your students was charged with a crime that their e-mail was used in evidence. All their lawyer has to ask is: "Does anyone else know your password/login credentials?". Oh sure, our network admin.
Judge: Case closed.

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by patrick.butler In reply to Deploy multiple outook us ...

While I agree thier is no need to know users passwords, that does nto actually answer the question.

I personally use the product scriptlogic to allow me to easily create login scripts. One of the MANY features is also the auto creation of user email profiles, so that when a user logs into a pc anywhere in my company, thier email profile is auto created.

This process is easily duplicated though with more planning by using such utilities as KIX for scripting. (Personally I do not have the time in a day to work on my logon scripts)

Maybe the followinfg link will guide you on how to accomplish what you seek without having to buy something like scriptlogic (now desktop authority)

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by c.armstrong In reply to Deploy multiple outook us ...

I agree with comments about passwords, I should have made it clearer, this is set initially for admin and account creation, the user is forced to change it on their first log on.

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Use Kix and Outlook PRF-file

by valio In reply to

Or some other method to deploy a shortcut to users desktop.
Create the .PRF file with the tool that comes with Office 2003 resource kit and then copy the modified shortcut to users desktop. Simple :))

Shortcut ;

"C:\program files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.exe \\server\share\outlook.prf"

Kix ;

If InGroup ("Domain Users") ; or some other group
RemoveFile ("c:\Documents and Settings\" + %username% + "\Desktop\Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.lnk")
If Exist("c:\Documents and Settings\" + %username% + "\Desktop\Outlook.lnk")
? "Outlook shortcut allready exists..."
If NOT Exist("c:\Documents and Settings\" + %username% + "\Desktop\Outlook.lnk")
Copy "\\server\share\Outlook.lnk" ("c:\Documents and Settings\" + %username% + "\Desktop\")

And every old/new user get?s Outlook ready?to?go..

Hope this helps you.

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