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deploy -perl script

By satish4jobs ·
i want to know the various procedures on 'How to depoly a perl script.

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That's very vague.

by apotheon In reply to deploy -perl script

Your question is very scant on details. Please provide more information. For instance:

To whom are you deploying this Perl script? Is it to users on your corporate network? Is it to random people on the Internet? Is it to a set of servers you manage, or perhaps servers someone else manages?

To what platforms will the Perl script be deployed? Is it meant for Unix-only environments? Is it for MS Windows environments? Is it for both? Is it for something else entirely?

Some possibilities might include creating a network deployment script over SSH on a corporate network on Unix-like systems, using CPAN, creating a tarball (a .tgz or .tar.gz file) and making it available for download from a webpage, or any of dozens of other options. It is difficult to provide more specific answers without a more specific question.

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