Deploy Windows 10 to all computers on work domain

By smithcarlton289 ·
Can anybody help me understand how to deploy Windows 10 to multiple computers on my work domain . They all have windows 7 at the moment but im trying to upgrade them.

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Depends on how you want to do this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Deploy Windows 10 to all ...

You could put the Windows 10 File from Microsoft on your WUSU Server and allow that to push it out from there but it is very possible that some systems will not properly install the Upgrade and stop working after the attempt.

Or you could do it manually and Navagate tot he Upgrade File from each desktop and run the installation file but if the systems are not all the same meaning some are 32 Bit and some are 64 Bit versions of Windows 7 you'll need both copies of the Upgrade File and very likely find some Systems that don't play nicely with the upgrade.

The easiest way if all the systems are identical is to make an Image of the complete install of both Windows 10 and all the accepted Software and do a clean install on each system but if the systems are not all identical in Hardware that's not going to work and it really depends on what you have available.

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