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Deploying a new Win2k Server

By John.M ·
Ok, so I just built a brandy-dandy new Win2k Server, applied SP3 and visited Microsoft Update site and installed all of the latest patches. Now What? There are so many resources available on best practices for deploying a new server, but which ones contain good suggestions and which ones bad.

Can anyone provide some good reliable checklist on the steps involved in deploying a server?


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Role of the server

by timwalsh In reply to Deploying a new Win2k Ser ...

It's really going to be hard to give youmuch in the way of concrete suggestions without knowing how you will use this server.

Best practices for an email server may be different than those needed for a Domain Controller, which mayl be different from those needed for a Web server.

As a start, although it is pricey, you want to look at the Win2K Server Resource Kit. Also check out Microsoft Technet, where you can find much of the same documentation from the Resource Kit freely available on line.

As far as non-Microsoft resources, many are nothing more the a reorganization and reqoding of information from Microsoft. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, one of these publishers will explain a given subject in way you understand, where Microsoft's explanation left you totally baffled.

I haven't found any one, single, better than the rest, resource. It's really a matter af finding one (or more) resources, that cover the majority of the concepts you think you need, and explains them in language you can readily understand.

More than anything else, it will come down to you spending time perusing the stacks at your local bookstore until you find a resource (or resources) that best suits your needs.

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