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Deploying IIS DLLs

By jalberts ·

I've been programming with VB for several years, but am new to IIS apps and DLL deployment on a web server. My question deals with one that was asked previously by someone else but the answer did not solve the problem. The problem is a "Sharing Violation" when trying to overwrite the existing IIS APP DLL on the IIS 4.0 server. I have stopped the default web server using the Service Manager, but the sharing violation persists while the server is stopped. I confirmed that the server wasindeed stopped by trying to access the web page in question as a user would, and could not access the pages. There is obviously something else keeping hold of this file and no others within the virtual directory and the actual directory. As stated in the previous question, if I restart the server PC I can then overwrite the DLL until it is accessed as a web app, then it gets locked by the server and cannot be overwritten.

The server machine is remote to me, it is running NT Server 4.0, IIS 4.0, and SQL Server 7.

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Deploying IIS DLLs

by luisabreu In reply to Deploying IIS DLLs

I don't know if I understood well your question, but I think that the problem is related to the fact that after you've seen the web page you can't rebuild the dll(overwrite the dll with a new version) have you stopped IIS service (not only web services)?
If you stop the IIS service in the control panel, you'll also stop Web and ftp services.
Try this. I think that then you'll be able to overwrite the dll.
Hope this solves your problem.
Luis Abreu

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Deploying IIS DLLs

by jalberts In reply to Deploying IIS DLLs

Thanks! I think the problem is that the previous answer by someone else was not specific enough. There was no mention of using Control Panel->Services to stop the IIS Admin service, which solved the problem. Naturally I stopped all the services within the IIS Service manager, which doesn't release anything, only prevents processing.
Often the persons asking the questions don't know all the information to give, but the persons answering are generally not giving specific enough answers, they're making a lot of assumptions about the knowledge of the person asking.

Anyway, Thanks for your help!

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