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Deploying Print Manager Plus

By cloudd ·
We're deploying PMP ( in WinNT server & Win98 clients. This s/w is able to keep track of pages printed /user, set quota, etc.
We're having problem in getting a popup alert box to be displayed when user has exceeded quota. We've installed Windows messenger & verified that net send command works fine. However, Print Mgr Plus is still not displaying the popup.
Any one has solution to this problem? hope to hear fr those who's implemented this successfully.

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by Ann777 In reply to Deploying Print Manager P ...

Have you fully setup the Quota Manager screen:

The Pages Remaining (Page Quota) field shows the total number of pages that a user is allowed to print, in other words, their Page Quota. This is controlled by the Edit Quota dialog and the Add Pages dialog. When an account is set to "Track usage", and "Deny printing when Page Quota is exceeded" is NOT enabled, this field will display "Tracking Only" as the user will never be stopped from printing. If there are different settings for each printer, this column will display "Varies per printer".

The Scheduled Updates column shows an the current schedule for updates to the Page Quota amount. For example, "5 Pages every 10 days". As in the Pages Remaining column, this column will display "Varies per printer" if there are different settings for each printer.

The Printers Tracked column shows the currently selected printers to be tracked, or "All Printer" if all printers have been selected.

The Restrictions column shows the current restrictions applied to this account. The possible settings are:
None. No restrictions are set on this account.
Page Quota. The "Deny printing when Page quota is exceeded", option is set.
File Title. The "Deny printing based on the file title", option is set.
File Size. The "Deny printing if document size?", option is set.

Selecting users is very easy, simply click on the user and use either the Shift or Ctrl to multiple select more than one user. When more than one user is selected, both the Edit Quota and Add Pages dialogs are accessible and will operate on all the selected users.

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by Ann777 In reply to

Quota Action Configuration Dialog
This dialog allows you to configure what Print Manager Plus will do, when each of the restrictions have reached their set conditions. The dialog contains pages which let you configure each of the restriction types.

Each dialog allows you to configure what happens to the job (delete or pause), whether to send a PopUp to the user and what the content of the PopUp will be.

If you select to delete the print job, it will be deleted when the specified condition has been met. If you pause the job, it will remain paused until user intervention occurs.

If you un-pause the job, Print Manager will not track the pages printed.

Note:Sending a PopUp message uses the NT messenger service, and so will only work with Windows NT clients.

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by Ann777 In reply to

If you are using Win98 clients, the popups will not work according to the last sentence above.

All of the above was taken from:

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