Deploying Printers With GPO and Groups (Server 2003 AD)

By ctcbarney ·'s the background...

I would like to deploy a printer to a "printer OU" which is populated only with a Group comprised strictly of users (no machines). I have been able to successfully deploy this printer from the OU with both a script and Group Policy to Users when the Users have been moved directly to that OU. Because of several issues, I do not want to move Users from their original OU into the "printer OU" and would prefer to manage situations like this using Groups instead.

Using both a logon script (either USER or COMPUTER) and GPO (separately, of course), both deploy to Users, not Groups, however.

Has anyone successfully deployed a printer (or any GPO for that matter) to a specific Group, similar to what I've described above?


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No, but possible alternative

by Churdoo In reply to Deploying Printers With G ...

with a logon script that's processed by all users, via ldap you can test if the logging on user is a member of a particular security group, and if so, can execute a properly configured printui command to deploy the printer?

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by ctcbarney In reply to No, but possible alternat ...

That's a clever workaround...I'll tinker with that and see if I can get it to work....thanks!

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using GPO

by Churdoo In reply to Interesting...

I just thought of a method using GPO, sorry I didn't mention it before.

Go back to your printer deployment GPO and link the GPO at a hierarchical level that it will be applied to all users (or link it to multiple OU's), but assign permissions to the GPO itself to control which users it will be applied to, i.e. a security group which contain the users that you want to apply it to.

I forgot to mention that you can use permissions on the GPO to manipulate applying the GPO in a manner that does not necessarily fit your OU structure

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That I can easily try...

by ctcbarney In reply to using GPO

Thank you for the additional suggestion...I will give it a shot on Monday!

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