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Deployment of ISA in Small Cyber Cafe

By boreas ·
I just want to ask all u one question.
First of all I'm going so state all my data.

One cyber cafe : 20 Pcs
One ADSL (256 KBps) : IP :
s,DNS :
One Pc for Cafe station
One Server for ISA.
IP scope for LAN : -

how should i do (configure)?
in some tutorial, they recommand 2 Windows 2003 server including DC with DNS and ISA.
But is it possible to use one and only one ISA server?

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You are a cybercafe

by SYNner In reply to Deployment of ISA in Smal ...

You're a cybercafe. Why do you need any windows server or any server for that matter. All you are providing is internet access which can be accomplished by putting in a router with firewall capability and a switch. These will probably cost less than the windows server.

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by Dumphrey In reply to You are a cybercafe

is for traffic management. He is still responsible for all traffic coming into his establishment. And a consumer grade router lacks the power to do this AND to do traffic accounting. That being said, I would look into several linux based live cds designed JUST for cafe type situatuiins, they require no install or hd in the computer, and dis allow saving except to a usb drive.

As for the isa server, set it up as your gateway. Switch/wireless AP ---> ISA server interface 1 --->Traffic shapping/editing ocurs ---> DSL Modem/Router ---> Internet. So all the clients are looking to the ISA server as their gateway, the ISA server is using the dsl router as its gateway. You would only need a second server for AD if you wanted to set up a domain, but that is useless in a cafe situation where users can change hourly. Your current singlr server should be able to do dhcp and filtering just fine.

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