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By LadyReader ·
I wrote a small vb.net program that uses SMTP to send an email with an attachment each day. After testing to make sure it worked, I added a Deployment Package to the solution and rebuilt it under release mode; 2 projects were built, no errors. I have created deployment packages before with no issues; however, this time when I tried to deploy my program (by clicking on the .msi file in the release folder) nothing was written out to the target folder, although the wizard said it was successful. The .msi file was 83kb.

Along with the .msi file and the setup.exe and setup.ini files, 2 new files that I haven't seen before were written to the deployment project: InstMsiA.Exe and InstMsiW.Exe

Can anyone advise me?

Thank you.

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by jc2it In reply to deployment package

It has been my experience that the two files you are refering to are generated for different versions of the Windows OS. I forget which is which but one will be used for Win9x and the other for Win2k & XP. As far as your main issue I would try to create the package again, but I would reverify all of my options first.

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by LadyReader In reply to deployment package

Thank you for responding. I have created deployment projects 4 or 5 times before from the same environment/language/version and those 2 files were never created. Can you suggest what changed? And what options should I check?

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by josh In reply to deployment package

From my research i come up with this
"InstMsiA.Exe and InstMsiW.Exe are install files for Windows Installer, the software required to run MSI files. InstMsiA.Exe should be run on Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me machines, and InstMsiW.Exe should be run on Microsoft Windows NT?, Windows 2000, and Windows XP machines that do not already have Windows Installer available. You may need to use one of these on your destination machine if you have trouble running your MSI files once you have copied them over."

ref: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnaspp/html/aspnet-jspmig-deployment.asp

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