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By khamid ·
Need a simple block diagram of the following:

-24 desktops and 3 laptops with built in wireless NICs
-3 servers and 1 printer server
-1 WAP ( wireless access point) for the laptops
-CAT5 cable as the network media for all desktops/servers/laptops
-Switches may be used
-DHCP, DN, WINS, VPN and RAS are required in the network

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by jmgarvin In reply to design

Please clarify the following:
This is for homework, right? What does the building/room look like? Why are we using RAS? What is DN, you mean DNS? Why cat5 for the desktops if you are using wireless?

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by In reply to design


This is a technical Q&A forum. What is the Q here?

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by feathersmcgraw In reply to design

Sounds to me he wants someone else to do his work. You can obtain any of this on the internet as far as example basic LAN set up goes.

Go do your own the prior post says..this is a technical board, not a homework board.

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by OTL In reply to design

You appear to have windows, so I would suggest powerpoint as it is normally loaded with windows/office. Also if you can not draw, it you are in over your head.

Switches may be used ? Think this is WILL be used.

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by hozcanhan In reply to design

shame on you khamid ! you asked people to do your homework for you and didn't even bother to close the question . None of us will answer your questions ...Use Microsoft visio and premade templates to do your own work. lazy boy.

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