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    Design a wireless converged network


    by pjwvieviwdhy ·

    I need to design a network for 30 on-site user and 10 VPN users.Users inside the office will have only wireless access.Further more, the company use VOIP application as well.I have an idea of implementing DMZ and keep the VOIP server inside DMZ. What mechanism or design should I use with VOIP to ensure QOS with affordable delay? Where should I keep the VOIP server ?

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      by pjwvieviwdhy ·

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      Why DMZ?

      by oldbaritone ·

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      Typically, a DMZ forwards all ports from WAN to the DMZ port. Why would you want to do that? Enumerate only the ports or port ranges that the VOIP server needs, and put those in the forwarding table.

      Your way would work and is easy, but would have many unnecessary risks.

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        i made a mess

        by pjwvieviwdhy ·

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        Thanks a lot for the quick reply.
        I hope i messed up things by saying about DMZ.
        Actually i had an idea of WAN -> ISP router -> Firewall router -> DMZ -> application firewall router -> switches -> wireless access points.
        Hope you got my idea now. I hope to keep the FTP, WebServer, Squid(cache) and VOIP server in DMZ. Active directory, dns,& dhcp inside(internal LAN). So my questions are,

        1. where should VOIP go? because thr are 10 users who would access remotely. Is there anything to do with that VOIP traffic coming from outside.

        2. What firewall should be the first firewall ?

        3. What do i need for VPN in design ?

        Help from anyone is appreciated…

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          by mafergus ·

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          I gotta agree with Old Baritone on the whole DMZ for the VOIP hardware. I don’t know what type you are using, but some units won’t work in a normal DMZ scenario (assuming some kind of NAT) as far as traffic, you just set your rules and routes to pass it where it needs to go. as far as a firewall, whatever one you can get the best support.

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          scenario not descriptive

          by pjwvieviwdhy ·

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          I have been asked to design a wireless-based voice/data network for 30 users on site and 10 users for home. 10 users will exploit VPN.That’s only the specification i got. nothing much 🙁

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      Or, there is this company called Cisco

      by robo_dev ·

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      who seem to have some expertise in both IP telephony as well as wired and wireless LANs.

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