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By mathewcampbell ·
Hey, I am looking for input on my current network configuration, both in suggested changes, and problems. I manage a company with about 125 employees, we have about 8 different remote offices, and our main datacenter.

Our current high level infrastructure has all core servers located in the datacenter. Our offices are all connected by a VPN, and pull both mail, and user files across the VPN.

At each site is a small dummy server that hosts Profiles/Printing/DNS/DHCP.

Does anyone see any issues with this in the future.

BTW, for mail we are using Exchange 2003, and 95% of the company is using exchange over poping mail thru exchange.

I am looking for someone to point out any issues they may see. I plan on keeping this infrastructure until we are approxiametely 200 employees. Thanks for your input.

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by Andrew06 In reply to Design Layout / Implement ...

Im assuming that the dummy servers all loopback to the main datacenter. Are you using Novell or Windows 2k/2k3 server?

If you are, then I can't see any problems until maybe when you want to expand then the dummy servers might make it hard to make the loopback connection to the datacenter.

Possibly active directory servers managed remotely for each office which loopback to the datacenter which could act as a IPS or just as a SAN.

Im not sure if thats a good idea on my part, but I tihnk it would work if you were starting to expand.

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Plan for expansion

You may want to expand the role of your "dummy servers" to include storing local files, so you don't have that traffic over your WAN. Also you may eventually want to consider a domain controller at each physical site, which could also host your DNS and DHCP to take that load off of your file/print server.

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