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Design Wi-Fi hotspot

By tundeapply ·
I want equipment specification to design Wi-Fi hotspot within hotel premises. I have internet and wired LAN already in the hotel but wanted to design hotspot so that guests can access internet within and outside the hotel.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Design Wi-Fi hotspot

call your local cisco rep. you will need line of sight.
to learn about hotspots, visit antenna manufacturers websites.

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by thanetadmin In reply to Design Wi-Fi hotspot

Hi ,
Designing a Hot spot on a very simple budget with the below feature is simple

Features :
1.Prepaid access with ticketing system
2.Free radius
4.Restricted validity
5.easily manageable.

Purchase a Linksys WRT54G load chillispot (opensource software) on it. google chillispot for download. Chillispot acts as Proxy, DHCP server,authentication server (free radius). get a powerful omni antenna , decorate it (since its a hotel) attach to linksys & connect the wan port to ur gateway with IP configured. Hot spot is ready.

Please get back to me in case of any clarification.It should be a economical setup.


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More Info

by rsmith In reply to

I would like more information on installing the chillispot software on the wireless router as you explained and more on setting up the customized hotspot. I am new at this but this is something I would like to learn about. Any instruction or advise would be GREAT!

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by geeksquad In reply to Design Wi-Fi hotspot

I consulted for a Company that works largely with hotel wi-fi. What do you need? there are so many variables, but if you overthink it it can be expensive and a pain in the a$$. Just use common sense. if you have any Q's mail back

Good Luck

Go SOX!!

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Design WiFi Hotspot

by rsmith In reply to Design Wi-Fi hotspot

If you already have a wired LAN in place at the motel, then I would suggest using a wireless router with the WAN of the wireless router configured from your wired LAN. If you have a firewall in place on your LAN, which you should, then use the DMZ port of your firewall for the WAN of the wireless router. This will insure that you keep the LAN and wireless networks separated for security. Have your wireless router obtain the internet connection via DHCP and then configure your wireless LAN address scheme as a private network using the wireless router as a DHCP server. Hope this helps!

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WiFi bridged network design

by Datanomics In reply to Design Wi-Fi hotspot

I'm stuck on design for a particular location. Building A contains the FiOS drop from Verizon with the router and an access point. Building B contains Windows Server 2008, network printer, multiple pc's and multiple AP's. A public city road runs between Bldg A and Bldg B, so no physical cable can be run between them either overhead or underground. DHCP is all controlled by the Verizon router in Bldg A because that has the gateway and DNS info provided by Verizon. Verizon will not provide a static IP and DNS at this location. Verizon will also not run FiOS to Bldg B. If the simple wireless bridge in place now gets interrupted, then there is no DNS in Bldg B. I need to provide a better setup for this location but have never had to solve putting things together this way. Any help?

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how to design a simple hot spot for business plaza using WiFi

by jsuddenly In reply to Design Wi-Fi hotspot

pls i need a detail breakdown on how to design a simple hot spot from the strach,for a business plaza using WiFi.

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