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Designers Work to Rescue a Dying Art Form -- the Album Cover

By DanLM ·

Ok, I like what is trying to be achieved here but the reason I posted this link was for this comment only.

"(The major labels) have broken away from something that they were extremely good at in the past, which was the development of their particular act or artist," says Stuhlmacher. "They now tend to sign (a bunch of) acts and throw them against the wall of radio and basically see what sticks."

And they wonder why they are losing money to online sales and downloads.

Don't get me wrong, I like album art work. I use to hang the album covers on my wall after I destroyed the albums from miss use. You can't do anything like that now. So, it will be nice to have a digital representation that is larger then 50 pixels by 50 pixels that they are talking about in the article.

But, throwing the acts against the wall of radio to see what sticks. Yea ok, these label companies are really worried about the talent they hire hu. Best description I heard of about how bad a recording label's business plan is. Let's see if this works. Naaa, hire another 200 artist's. One of them might make us some money.

lol, and then you have this to backup how much label companies and their group of hired thugs care about recording artist's.
RIAA Tries To Stop Trent Reznor's Promotional Campaign For New ConceptAlbum

The RIAA went and demanded that various sites pull down the songs, even though Reznor wanted the songs to spread for promotional purposes. The RIAA always says that if artists want to promote their own songs by giving them away for free they have no problem with it -- but it seems that their mindset is so focused on the idea that no one would ever want to do this that they still have to issue takedowns when artists want the songs given away.
Yea, ok. Feed the monkey's another batch of bannanna's. They are good monkey's.


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