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Designing a secure IT room

By abdein.shahein ·
Dear All

Please help me to identify Request for Propsal for designing a secure IT room. The room will be for a building of 10 floors. The room will be for a backbone switch with more than 6 servers.

All security consideration, technology, alternatives are my goal. Please I am looking for any exeperience and help.

Abdein Sayed Moahed

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Some Ideas

by LordInfidel In reply to Designing a secure IT roo ...

You want...

1. Raised floors

2. Locked doors...Keyless, cardswipe are great, but just a locked door with restricted access.

3. Fire supression system

4. Enough conduit leading into the room and ceiling access/track's for cabling.

5. Backup Generator/or UPS.

Most of it depends on your budget and how fancy you want to get.

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Major undertaking

by MadMark In reply to Designing a secure IT roo ...

Abdein, this is a major undertaking. ALL security concerns? There are 10 security domains, each a career in themselves if you want to be an expert. You need a consultant. I did this exact undertaking for one of the Symantec offices a few years ago. They had combined two offices into one as a result of an acquisition.

I spent a couple of weeks diagramming the network in minute detail after hours, studying the lay of the LAN, and looking for ways to reduce bottlenecks, security weaknessesand improve throughput. They had several 'closets' of servers, switches, and hubs, as well as two rooms full of telecom switches and wiring. It was a management nightmare.

I worked with the building contractors daily to plan the new room, considered fire, cooling, flood control and other physical security issues with them. Then as construction got underway, we met less often, and I could concentrate on the logical security aspects with my colleagues and advisors, who now had time to review my docs. I worked with the Facilities Department to ensure that the passcard system would work, and how to better restrict access to the new server room.

Bottom line here is although I owned the project, created the base plan and retained responsibilty should the plan fail, I was not the only person with input into it. My planning documents and supporting materials are roughly 500 pages. I suggest that you sit down and clarify in plans and statements of work, what your goals are. WHAT do you want to secure? Against WHAT threat? HOW do you want to secure it? What is your BUDGET?

Don't be afraid to hire a contractor or consultant. I'm free at the moment if you want to fly me in from Canada.

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