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Designing a website for Work

By arsenal_33 ·
I work for a Large ISP here in Canada. I'm interested in creating a web portal for our company. I have many questions before I begin.
1) Do I need to document all the hours it takes me?
2) Should I get it copyrighted?
3) Should I consult management about this before I spend hundreds of hours on it, only if they are going to pan it.
4) Should I load it to a private server for testing purposes?
5) do I have to sell it to them after it's done or
how does this work to hand them over what is essentially my property?

Any suggestions you have for me would be welcome.
I plan on creating it with dreamweaver, photoshop, flash , whatever. As of right now we (my ISP) don't have a webportal. I fell our clients will benefit from it.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Designing a website for W ...

Yes you should document the hours involved.

I am not positive on copyright law in Canada, but a simple notice that the site is copyrighted should suffice. Ask the company's legal counsel for advice in this area.

Yes, you should consult management before investing company resources.

Yes you should test it prior to implementation.

You sell them the concept with a project proposal and finding a project sponsor. You should look through the articles here on TR discussing this.

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by Jaqui In reply to Designing a website for W ...

okay, why build a portal site?
for "community", such as forums?
it can be expensive to have one, as in over 4 terabytes of data transfer per month for one portal site.

don't bother with any flask / shockwave / javascript based code.
as it is finally getting through to people that these things are security risks. they will also start understanding that legally you would be required to pay them for running the flash / javascript / vbscript [ clientside ]
( Criminal Code of Canada section 240 )

1) yes, or you can't charge for the hours
2) definately, if being coded on your own time
3) only if they are giving you paycheque for your time while developing.
4) always
5) if you developed on thier computers, on thier time, then they already own it. otherwise you can put it on a site and sell to anyone that wants it.

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by Jaqui In reply to

could be section 241 or 242
but I know it's the 24x area.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Designing a website for W ...

1) You SHOULD if done on your own time

2)No need for copyright if used for a business it is automatically copyrighted as soon as their logo is on it

3)I wouldn't even THINK of building a site for a company unless authorized, this should be question numbefr ONE!

4)No need, if you use good tools, such as Dreamweaver you will have more flexibility, quicker updat abilities, MUCH better code and preview testing at your fingertips

5)IF this is on YOUR time, you need to have a WRITTEN contract before even beginning, again this should be one of the FIRST thngs you ask.

What I have done in the past for a couple of clients is bult a small two or three page SAMPLE site and THEN got approval for it, as they can see the benefits and after a day or two they WILL want it..

Good luck, sell it first, include the licence costs, handcoding is not practical for business due to build time and update efficiency lost. IF you can hand code it in a day, I can do it in Dreamweaver in an hour.

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by wlbowers In reply to Designing a website for W ...

1. If you are getting paid by the hour.

2. If you are creating this work for hire then it is not yours to copywrite, unless that is part of your contract.

3. You should let them know a time estimate. If it starts to run over they need to be updated on a timely basis. Again this should be agreed upon in the beginning.

4. Well yes!

5. If they pay you for the work reguardless of whether they use it or not it is not your property. It belongs to them.

If they don't pay then it is your property.

If you work for that company what you create on their dime is theirs.


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