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Designing e-hospitals LANs

By majidsmg ·
i have been given a project to construct and build LANs in new e-hospital.So, i need the fundamental requirements for this LAN (like services introduced, softwares can be used...etc)

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Designing e-hospitals LANs

by nmlhaus In reply to Designing e-hospitals LAN ...

First question: WHAT is an E-hospital?

Second Question: do you have any lan experience, or are you just computer literate?

More info and I'm sure you'll get plenty of advice

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Designing e-hospitals LANs

by majidsmg In reply to Designing e-hospitals LAN ...

First: Medical network systems enable real-time interactive medical communication between
doctors at hospitals and patients at home through voices and images [Ref. 1]. These
abilities form what is called an E-hospital.

Second: I am a student in Networking Engineering and i have been given a project which states the following:

(The objective of this project is to study the application of LANs in E-Specialized
Hospital and the interaction with the Intranet. You will be required to examine in detail
the technical, operational, and security issues surrounding the implementation and use of
LANs. Critically assess the performance of the LAN using OPNET and highlight both its
positive and negative points.)

And, I Thank You So Much...

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by wlbowers In reply to Designing e-hospitals LAN ...

GE and others are starting to enter into this area.

A doctor and radiologist log into the lan from their office and watch as in real time as a patient is scanned in a mri, ct, or digital x-ray machine.

Patient information is carried on a smart card, data and images.

Patients with walking heart monitor/pacemakers download strips to their doctors via wireless lans. Doctors can detect trouble and administer corrective measures without the patient even knowing they had a problem.

Doctors write perscriptions on an ipaq that is bluetooth connected to his office lan. It transmits the pharmacy order via the office lan connection to the hospital lan.

Good luck your gonna need it.


The keyword is bandwidth. The transfer of mri, ct, digital x-ray, ekg, and other data requires a tremendous amount of bandwidth. A division of services on subnets would help.

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