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    My desktop computer started freezing no matter what i’m on and I started restarting it by holding down the power button and turning it back on and it starts ok but it eventually freezes. I do not know what I need to buy to get this to stop (new ram or graphics card?) because the computer is starting to do it more frequently and it’s annoying while i’m in the middle of a game.

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      Is this a pre-built, brand-name computer or home-built? Do you know if it is overheating? How old is the computer? What version of OS (Windows or Apple)? We need more information to better offer advice/troubleshooting.

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      The computer may need to be cleaned and the thermal paste replaced.

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      Computer freezing can be caused by overheating, insufficient RAM, outdated drivers, malware, or hardware issues. Try cleaning fans, checking RAM, updating drivers, running anti-malware scans, and consulting a technician if the issue persists.

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      There are many possibilities that can be indulged to happen this like heating, malware, etc. Fret not, you only need to make strong the tangible fabric of your computer by applying thermal paste to avoid heating.

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