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    Desktop Accessibility


    by dorianbutts ·

    After updating a graphic card, I recently experienced a blue screen error that forced me to purchase a new hard disk.

    However, my old hard disk had some stuff on the desktop that I want to access. I have linked the old drive to the new one and I can see some stuff-but the place where I stored my work (on the desktop of the old drive) is not accessible. I always get an error such as: “F:\Documents and Settings\COMPUTER NAME\Desktop is not accessible” and “Access is denied.”

    Can anyone help me with a work around to get into the desktop to retrieve my stuff from the old desktop?

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      by dorianbutts ·

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      Accessing Desktop

      by firebugsbm ·

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      I’ve had that access issue before when I transferred an old drive into my own to backup the files for a client. I believe it to be a result of user accounts and permissions not being completely identical.

      Depending on the stop error you got putting in the graphics card there may be a couple ways of going about this.

      1. Before you got your new drive had you tried using the boot menu to reboot with last known good configuration or even just enabling vga mode which will bypass the new video drivers you installed with your graphics card

      2. It may be that your boot sector was corrupted in which case using your windows installation disk and the recovery console on it can be fixed with either fixboot or fixmbr.

      3. Try running chkdsk with the repair even if not flagged dirty switch activated. That may get your old drive up and running enough to be able to access the files and transfer them to the new drive.

      4. Try a cd similar to BartsPe because it loads a GUI similar to windows but it’s not windows itself thus no windows user permissions blocking you from accessing those files.

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      You really need to list the OS in use always

      by oh smeg ·

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      But in this case I take it that you where using XP and you need to Take Ownership of the Files by following the directions here


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      Check this

      by vsharma ·

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      do 1thing start ur pc with the new HDD and attached old HDD with that , so that u can able to access the old HDD. after this fo to the folder F:\Documents and Settings riht click on that and go to properties go to Security tab , go to Advanced then go to the Owner tab on the center u will got two administrator . one is administrator and the second one will be the AdministratorS group of ur currently runnig computer like that
      Administrators(comutername\Administrator name)
      click on this (Administrators Group)
      and at the bottom there is a checkbox click on that Replace the owner then apply ok
      go on ok all the windows then access that folder which contains ur stuff

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