Desktop and Laptop Refresh..

By Matatena ·
Hi: I have a task to complete, and hope you can help me:
I have 4 sites around the US, that needs to conduct a Desktop and Laptop Refresh.
Site 1 has 300 users
Site 2 has 600 users
Site 3 has 120 users
Site 4 has 80 users

We (my boss), would like the user to be responsible for the majority of it's files, basically word, excel, etc...

In the past I usually took out old PC harddrive and connect it to new PC available SATA port, copying files over. But, as I mention, my boss doesn't want US to have this approach. He wants the user to be responsible for its files.

So I was thinking on a solution, so the user could copy those files to a shared network resource, granting them the access to his own folder and setting up some kind of a quota (3gb per user aproximately).

but, I am kind of worried about having too many files at once, trying to copying to a shared resource.

This needs to be done as quick as possible, since we are migrating the users to another company, and would like to return the old equipment as soon as possible.

All desktops have Windows XP Pro, and will have W 7 Pro.
any ideas?

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Have you looked at...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Desktop and Laptop Refres ...

USMT (User State and Migration Tool)

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/User_State_Migration_Tool

Remove the space after wikipedia when you copy the link...

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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to Have you looked at...

Another option in the same vein is the User Migration Wizard from ForenseIT. They're both good options.

I have to agree with jqbecker though - this is dangerous. Where are the files they will be copying? Do users have write access to C:\? I've often seen users documents there. Do users use offline files? Are you using Outlook prior to 2010? You'll want to copy across the nk2 files. Are email signatures done at the Exchange level, or are they stored on the local PCs? Have users archived any mail to local PST files? Is there any chance users have saved iTunes backups to the local PC?

The list of things that could be saved locally goes on. And the problem is most users don't think of these things as "files" that need to be transferred - you'll find a lot of users will just expect that these things will magically appear on the new PC.

Another thing you'll need to consider is the 3GB quota. What if users have a lot of pictures, or music, or a large iPhone backup that gets copied across? How will your script handle this?

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Tell your boss not to be a cheapskate

by jqbecker In reply to Desktop and Laptop Refres ...

You cannot trust users to do this correctly.

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Intern Help?

by cpguru21 In reply to Desktop and Laptop Refres ...

I agree with jqbecker. I do not see a good productive way out of this without some hands on IT staff.

Also what is the infrastructure here? Windows domains? Do they already have NAS devices on these networks locally? Or some kind of server shared hd space? Are you looking to have new systems in before the old ones go away?

A possible option if you are low on IT staff is send one senior tech and see if there is a school somewhere in the area with students that need on the job experience If you are migrating 300 pcs at one location, the effort to show someone how to migrate might be worth it to have 2 people or more migrating users. Just a thought. You may even find a college in the area with IT students with a little more know how.

good luck

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