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By wbcostas ·
I have a computer - windows xp media edition 2005 - where the desktop background has been hijacked and replaced with a picture of a warning to install a spyware program. Ran a number of spyware programs, installed and ran trend micro - spyware and viruses removed but can't seem to fix this. The desktop and screensaver tabs in the display properties are gone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to desktop background hijack ...

... running Trend Micro, Spybot Search & Destroy plus CCleaner while in SAFE MODE?

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Well it really depends on what you got caught with here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to desktop background hijack ...

Different problems require different solutions to kill. Things like the XP Anti Virus isn't even a Virus or Malware it's Hostage Ware which is designed to lockup your Data and force you to buy something so you can regain access to it.

Most of these things require a range of approaches to kill off things like Spy Bot S&amp

Maleware Bytes

Advanced Windows Care


Which should be installed updated then reboot the system into Safe Mode and scan will generally get rid of most of the problems but you really need to either look for a solution yourself or tell us exactly what it was your computer caught so we can give you the necessary Directions to rid yourself of it.

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Fixed it!

by wbcostas In reply to Well it really depends on ...

The problem was the wallpaper was hijacked and the display property tabs - desktop & screensaver - were gone. It turned out to be an XP AntiVirus along with a wallpaper hijacker. The programs I ran to try and fix it never identified it until I found 2 programs that fixed everything.

1) SuperAntiSpyware and

2) Maleware Bytes (which you mentioned)

Thanks for your help!

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