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I am running XP home edition SP2. Last night some time explorer crashed (on more than one ocasion). I have discovered now that it is due to something on my desktop, as whenever I log on, explorer crashes, or if I try to acces my desktop folder through another users profile, explorer crashes. It would be of benefit if I could keep what I have stored on my desktop. I want to know how to fix this problem, or access my desktop without explorer crashing. Any suggestions welcome.

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Windows Startup Utility/msconfig

by tecminn In reply to Desktop Crashes Explorer


I would start with unchecking programs that start when the computer starts. It is possible that a program is starting up when the 'puter starts and if you disable it from starting you will be able to keep your desktop as is.

There is this really neat utility but I cannot remember the name of it. It makes choosing what programs to choose very easy. If you would like me to find out the name of it please let me know. I have it on my hard drive somewhere.


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by tecminn In reply to Desktop Crashes Explorer

That is the name of the little utility.

It is totally free and you can download it by going here:


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by eduardo (PT) In reply to WINDOWS STARTUP INSPECTOR

Well there can be a lot of reasons for that to happen, and trough that description is hard to tell.
Anyway, I suggest you to run "System Restore", so you can restore your system back to a point where it was working fine.
I think that's the easiest solution.

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In Response


It is only affecting my user profile. The other 2 on the computer are completely fine except, that is, if I try to access my desktop folder through C: Documents and Settings from one of them. I have tried everything I can think of to somehow access or delete the Desktop folder, but everything causes an explorer.exe crash. McAfee virus scan didn't pick up any viruses, and Ad Aware, and Spy-Doctor picked up nothing. Even if I run the computer in safe-mode, this same explorer.exe crash problem still occurs. So in effect, I cannot use my side of the computer at all until this problem is resolved.

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Event Viewer

by tecminn In reply to In Response

Are there any Event ID's that correlate with the crash?


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by eduardo (PT) In reply to In Response

Did those crashes started to happen immediatly after you:
- installed any program or plugin?
- downloaded a file?
- changed a "Display Properties" setting?
- while you were away, drinking coffee?
- other?

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