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Desktop has program files

By SoutherTeck ·
There is an entire unwanted program and all of it files on my desktop. It was a bad mistake and now, when I try to remove them one by one, it seems that I only create more.

At first it showed the program and its files. Now, after trying to delete them, they show up with a number attached to them. I think that there may be as many as ten copies on my desktop.

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by zaferus In reply to Desktop has program files

Add/remove programs doesn't get rid of it?

If it doesn't the program should have an "uninstall" icon. Remove the program to stop it from being able to run then delete the files.

IF that doesn't work run msconfig from your command line and see under startup if part of the program is launching when you boot up your system. Uncheck it, reboot and then remove.


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by zaferus In reply to

When you delete these files they have more on your desktop - can you indulge me and try to delete a different file on your desktop other than this program? Also go into another folder and delete a file from there (one you won't miss). See if these show up on your desktop as well. I'm wondering if for some strange reason your deleted items folder is showing up on your desktop.

Also - go into your recycle bin - do you see all of the files on your desktop? If you're not afraid to lose your desktop icons try to empty deleted items see what happens.

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by SoutherTeck In reply to Desktop has program files

What I am saying is that the program, which is not in programs to be removed or my startup, was accidently sent to my desktop with all of the files showing.

That is the problem. Now, there are hundreds of files on there that I can't remove.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Desktop has program files

Sounds to me like you inadvertently copied the files when they were first selected (hence the dulpicate files with numbers at the end of them). The first reply was correct. If you are trying to delete the program (sounds like the program was installed to the desktop instead of C:\programfiles\name of program), you SHOULD use the add/remove feature from the control panel... assmuing the program was successfully installed. If that doesn't work, or doesn't delete all the files completely, then you can manually delete the remaining files... I would delete them in small batches. Hopefully, none of those files on your desktop are being loaded into memory when the computer starts.... if some are, you will have to add/remove or delete in safe mode.

Good Luck

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by SoutherTeck In reply to Desktop has program files

If I recall correctly, it happened when I was trying to delete the program. It is not in my add or remove as I have just checked to be certain.

I wish that I could take a snap shot of my desktop so that, I could show what has happened.
I appreciate your help but I still do not have an answer and I can't delete them one at a time as it only generates more files. This has been a tough one for me too.

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by zlitocook In reply to Desktop has program files

First do you have a antivirus program installed and updated? If so use it and d/l adaware se and spybot and run those. If you d/l a program that dose not add itself to the add/remove list it may have a uninstall button.
You can d/l tweakui for XP from MS it has a remove feature for programs.
It sounds like you installed the program on the desktop, which would show all the files on the desktop. Do you see a file that has a circle with a red line through it? That could be the uninstall for it.
Can you go to a restore point before this happened? Do a disk clean and defrag, then run scandisk.
Boot to safe mode and look in add/remove to see what is there. Remove any programs that you dont need, run all the virus, adaware and other maleware removers. Run disk cleanup again and go to your profile my computer, local disk, documents and settings, your name or what you login as. Then click on tools at the top, then folder options. Then click on the second tab, view, remove the check from show hidden files and hide extentions. Click ok and then go to desktop and remove each file folder that is not suppose to be there. Empty the recycle bin and reboot.
If this dose not work, ether you need to do a compleat reinstall or take it to a computer shop.

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by SoutherTeck In reply to Desktop has program files

I spend at least one day every week, making sure that my computer is running in top form. I have anti-virus protection which is running at all times, a program for adware that runs a scan every morning. I also have a firewall. Also, I make sure that my computer has the lastest downloads for patches and updates. I am not a novice.

Those things have nothing to do with my problem. I have reread my questions and either I am not making myself clear, or I am not being understood.

Thanks to all of you for trying to help me. I sincerly appreciate it.

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by Sue T In reply to Desktop has program files

What is the name of the program you can't get rid of? Did you do a search on the internet for this program and how to get rid of it? Did you try booting to Safe Mode and deleting the files as was suggested? Did you try deleting the registry entries for it? Try running Autoruns which you can download and use for free from this site to see if there is something running that you don't know about when you start your computer.

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by saihib In reply to Desktop has program files

Go into C:\Documents and Settings\"Your Profile"\Desktop. Separate the letitimate desktop items by placing them in a new folder and delete the rest.Then, take the items you placed in the folder and put them back on the desktop.

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by SoutherTeck In reply to Desktop has program files

Finally, problem solved. I booted in Safe Mode and did all that zilto suggested. It didn't help me but it gave me something to think about.

I looked at the extensions and went to search. I typed it in and it gave me a ton of them. Then, I tried to delete them from the search. It would not let thought, because there were too many. So, I did it again but stopped the search quickly. Then I was able to delete 4,670 files from the desktop. I did the same again and was able to delete another 4,675 files.

I went back to desktop and looked for more extentions. There was one extention left. Then I did the same with that extention and deleted them from the search. A total of 630 files were deleted. I am keeping them in my recycle bin until I have decided, that nothing on my computer was affected by their deletions.

Thanks for all of the answers. Sometimes, we need to run things in front of others to get our own minds to working. I could not have done it without all of y'alls input. Thank you so much as now I have a clean desktop. Yeah.....

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