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I am looking for new Desktop Management & helpdesk software, and need some user reviews! We are currently using Track-It v4.1 for helpdesk (as it was cheap) and PCAnywhere for remote control. We need modules for Inventory, Remote Control, Software Distribution & Patch Management (needs to be easy to use), and helpdesk. (We have 5 offices & 10 soho)

I know that Version6 of Track-It is much improved & includes software deployment modules etc, but does it work well? I had a demo from LanDesk, and was very impressed - but have since been advised that it causes problems when patching and cloning. Altiris seems to get good reviews too. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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by Eric9 In reply to Desktop & Helpdesk Mgmt S ...

I have been using Footprints by Unipress for the past five years now for a helpdesk, and could not be happier. It is a serious helpdesk, we currently have almost 100,000 tickets in an SQL database and it runs like a champ.

For inventory we use SMS, and for remote control we use a combination of Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance. (set the expire time to be 999 days, then your clients only need to create a ticket once; although they still need to be near their PC to approve you coming on)

I know not exactly what you asked, but I found Track-It to be as usefull as a pretty access database, and really wanted a helpdesk solution that was built from the ground up to be solely web based.


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desktop management & monitoring

i know a desktop monitoring and management software that is very useful. you can drop me an email and i can send the whitepaper for your review.

hope it helps

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What software?

by Eric9 In reply to desktop management & moni ...

Could you post the name of the software here for others to glean wisdom from?

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