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By jminhere ·
Shortly after subscribing to RegTool my desktop went wacko. The icon were everywhere that I didn't put them and taskbar was jammed with my desktop (duplicates). Tried to put them where they were, but that lasted for only a short time. RegTool said to uninstall their program and re-install. Did that, worked for two weeks then same problem. Taskbar was locked from the beginning.
Any ideas for when this happens again??

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Hint: "Shortly after subscribing to RegTool.." ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Desktop Icons

Google has more entries for removal of RegTool than it does for install.

Have you guessed yet ?

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by jminhere In reply to Hint: "Shortly after sub ...

OOPS! I get your point. TechRepublic suggests crap programs??

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Well I certainly didn't suggest it and last time I checked ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to RegTool?

I wasn't employed by TechRepublic.

Where did this 'suggested by TechRepublic' occur then?

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Excuuuuuse Me...

by jminhere In reply to Well I certainly didn't s ...

I did not suggest nor imply that YOU suggested that I get RegTool. RegTool is a sponsored link of this site. When I had queries as to speeding up my PC, several 'techies' recommended RegTool. Are we okay now??

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You cannot prevent advertising ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Excuuuuuse Me...

If you think about it, if it wasn't for the revenue from the advertising, TechRepublic would probably not even exist. Then all that beneficial technical advice would be lost to the masses.

Depending on which internet browser you use, if you happen to use Firefox you can get an Add-On called WOT (World of Trust) which basically does what AVG 8.0 tried. It marks search engine results with a traffic light system of whether the links are any good or not.

As I said, AVG 8.0 introduced this function but it slowed any search engine results to a horrendously slow pace - WOT does not. If you try searching for RegTool (using WOT) get ready for lots of bright red signals.

Here is one detrimental internet comment:

What any other Peer has advised on TR is not for me to comment on, other than to say that if they don't have actual experience of using it themselves, they should not promote it to someone else.

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Thanks OM

by jminhere In reply to You cannot prevent advert ...

I agree...advertising is necessary. If I were to support a product, I would hope to believe that it performed to it's expectations. So much for credibility.

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