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Desktop icons not showing in W2k Server

By jf555 ·
Here is the situation and I would apreciate any help. It is PDC W2k server with SP3. Users can loggin and find their data. The desktop icons not showing, right click does not work on desktop, only on Start menu to bring up Explorer. If I find anexecutable and click on it, most of them won't run, just dies out or server freezes, however. Cntl-Alt-Del always works to get Task Manager. I run poledit fron there, no restrictions to hide desktop icons. Explorer shows the 18 Desktop icons in the Desktop folder, clicking on most of them will not work, server freezes, unfreeze from Task Manager, there is always more than one Explorer process, I stop one, then it unfreezes. Can't install any program since nothing starts on the desktop. Can't connect to the internet with either IE or FF. Everyhting is OK, all icons show when started in Safe Mode with Networking, although it takes about 10 min to boot it in this mode, can connect to the Internet but can't update to SP4 or any other MS upgrade because Active-X is not avialable in Safe Mode. How do I get it back to normal? The earliest image backup we have has been resorted but it still shows the same behavior, thanks to all of you for the any help

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by BFilmFan In reply to Desktop icons not showing ...

Okay there are a number of issues here which we can sort out:

Policy Editor doesn't work with Active Directory. You must use the GPO editor MMC.

Have you scanned this system for maleware, viri and trojans?

What version of Windows 2000 is this?

You said this is a domain controller. Are you logging on with a user account that has domain administrator privileges?

What other FSMO roles are being help by this domain controller?

How much RAM is in this system?

What size is the swap file and where is it located?

How many users are attaching to this system?

What other applications are running on this server?

What errors are being reported in the event log?

What hot fixes have been applied?

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by jf555 In reply to

Many thanks for your answer again, I shall proceed with your suggestions next week

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by jf555 In reply to Desktop icons not showing ...

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by jf555 In reply to Desktop icons not showing ...

Hi Everybody, We all missed it, the behavior did look like that of a worm or other pest infested computer, however, it turned out to be quite different. The Server HAD concected an APC brand battery pack UPS whose monitoring software had the Root Certificate expire at the end of July. Once I edited out the respective APC software from starting on boot and then rebooted, everything came back normally! No more APC UPS for my clients!

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