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    Desktop Icons Unavailable


    by nosliw247 ·

    A client, recently booted up his system. The accounts were displayed, but upon opening any of them there was nothing displayed on the desktop; nt even the taskbar. the only access is through taskmanager.

    What could be wrong? How can this problembe corrected

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      Check the policies

      by sean.watmore ·

      In reply to Desktop Icons Unavailable

      I would check to see what policies are running locally and in the domain.
      It sounds like it could be the ntconfig policy for default users has been set to hide desktop items.
      If your using XP check that the icons haven’t been turned off on the display settings. (Display Properties – Desktop)

      Hope this helps

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        OS and maybe auto-hide?

        by thegeneral ·

        In reply to Check the policies

        What is the OS of the desktop in question?
        Maybe try right clicking on the open desktop, then to “Active Desktop”, and see if “Show Desktop Icons” unchecked. If so, select “Show Desktop Icons” and see if that works. The above steps were done on a Win2k PC.

        As for the Taskbar, move your mouse pointer all the way to the bottom of the screen, and wait a second, see if it might be set to auto hide. If so it will popup after a few seconds when the cursor is at the very bottom. Then if it does come up, right click, go to “Properties”, and then uncheck “Auto Hide”.

        Hope these help.

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          Possibility of virus on winxp sys???

          by nosliw247 ·

          In reply to OS and maybe auto-hide?

          System is running XP Pro. CLient uses outlook to access webmail. Haven’t seen the system in question, however, Outlook missing .dll’s and not loading correctly (so i’ve been told). Norton AV detected error in system.ini. Norton could not load, had to remove and reinstall an update from web…
          Taskbar unaccesible, only feature acessible was taskmanager… control panel and other icons totally unavailable…All three accounts were visible at startup – but all came up blank when run – problemnot solved by troubleshooting: most probable cause unknown:

          Client reinstalled XP and Office and Norton.
          Any hypotheses as to cause of the problems added here?

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        Virus attack?

        by nosliw247 ·

        In reply to Check the policies

        thanks for your comments. Please check the response to your suggestions and the further development of the PC in question at discussion –
        Titled: Possibility of virus attack on WinXP sys.

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