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desktop is sideways???

By cfl ·
I have a system running windows xp home. Somehow, the whole desktop is completely sideways and it is very hard to run the mouse, almost like it has been altered as well. I have looked at all the properties and settings and can not see anything that would turn it upright again. I have been in the computer service business for ten years and have never seen anything like this. When the system boots the windows xp logo and bios info is upright, but when the desktop comes up it is sideways. I hope someone can help me with this problem.

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by IT cowgirl In reply to desktop is sideways???

This happened to us at work.
Right click on the desktop, go to Properties. Go to the Settings tab, then the Advanced button and Video adapter tab. See if there's a "Rotation" setting. Some New video cards allow the display to be rotated to accommodate flat-panel monitors.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to desktop is sideways???

I've only seen this once on a Media Centre unit that was brought in for repairs apparently in this case this unit was driving a big Plasma Screen and the Drivers for the Plasma Screen allowed the image to be rotated.

If you can not rotate the image from the Display Adaptor Settings try doing the same thing from the Monitor Settings and see if you can rotate the image on the screen.

There was one other case where I saw this happen but that was a very long time ago on CRT monitors where one bright spark who was feeling foot loose and Fancy Free while working one weekend pulled every CRT monitor apart and turned the Yoke Coils through a 90 Degree turn so that first thing Monday Mourning all hell broke loose.

But I don't think this is your problem particularly as the BIOS and Windows Splash Screens are the right way up. Since this is only happening when Windows Loads it has to be related to the Display Drivers or Monitor Drivers.


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by rhodes1979 In reply to

Should your screen rotate on you try pushing: ctrl, alt, up arrow key. Push all 3 down at the same time.

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by jameswallis In reply to SCREEN ROTATION

Looked for some time before locating these data. Pleased to advise solution worked well. Thank you.

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by realm_619 In reply to SCREEN ROTATION

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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by Garret` In reply to desktop is sideways???

This is a great prank to play at work. The video cards in our hp machines can rotate the picture by pressing Ctrl + Alt + [directional arrow key]. This may be similar to your issue. Ctrl + Alt + The up arrow should fix it. I guess its if you have a display such as a data projector that are sometimes mounted inversely.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to desktop is sideways???

LMAO Garret~!

We have HP?compaqs here that do that as well... I found out by accident, and you're right. Excellent prank. As a mater of fact, I flipped the screens upside down on a select few people here who "know enough about PC's to be dangerous" and some of the repair results were hilarious. One guy took his monitor and actually, flipped it upside down so he could get back to work!

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