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By principessacf ·
I recently brought my computer home from work after it hit the 3 year expiration date. My company requires me to "WIPE" the computer w/a provided disk/CD package. This ensures that all company and client information has been removed from the PC. I had my brother setup a new operating system. The internet works great, we are using Windows XP, which is fine, but there is only one problem: the desktop monitor, any applications, games, internet pages/websites, etc. are soo big that i can view the whole page at one time. I currently, right now, while typing this can only see the "ENTER A POST", step 3 of this "emailing a question process". I am trying to decrease the size of the font or applications. I have checked every section of My Computer's Display options and nothing is allowing me to shrink the overall size of what fits in my screen. It looks like a kid computer with how big everything is. Even the tabs on the bottom bar of the desktop that hold the place of the website/application i have active are so big that even when i only have one page for my yahoo open along with this page i am typing to you, there is not enough room for another tab, it would be forced to overlap, or I pray, shrink in size. I dont know how else to explain it, but everything is over sized, i just want to be able to pull up a website and see the whole home page without having to scroll left, right up and down just to see everything the page/application has to offer.


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Increase the resolution

by The Scummy One In reply to Desktop Monitor Display

to at least 1024x768
r. click an open area of the desktop
select 'properties'
select 'settings' tab
slide the screen resolution bar to an appropriate size
click 'apply' and check if it works. If you took it too far for the monitor, then it will not display well, just wait for 20 seconds and it will revert back. If it looks good click OK to change it, then continue with OK until all boxes are closed.

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