Desktop Naming Standard

By gareth.hudson ·
OK, so I'm trying to come up with a one-size-fits-all name. It should identify whether the device is a PC or Laptop, it should detail the site it's at, whether it's productio or DEV and have a unique id.

I've come up with site-function-unique ID so <XXXX>-<w/L><P/D>-<nnnn> eg HOME-WP-1234 tells me that it's a workstation (W) in Production (P) at site 'home' with ID 1234

Anyone got any comments on this standdard - I'd be keen to see what other people are using.

This is primaritly for workstations, but a server adoption is possible (S for Server)

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humm is this Windows Active Directory?

by CG IT In reply to Desktop Naming Standard

we use letters and numbers which correspond to inventory #s.

for network administration in AD, we just use OU containers e.g. desktop contain and laptop contain under computers.

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roles in an ID ?

by bigbigboss In reply to Desktop Naming Standard

Are you going to change the id when the role of the machine change, like moving from one site to the other, or evolve from a DEV to Production ? It's tough to change from a laptop to a PC and therefore that part is OK.

I would just use the serial number of the machine as the ID, may be add whether it is a laptop or PC or a server class machine, and set up a database that is accessible by all people, and record its current role, location, who's using it, who is responsible for it, who paid for it, etc.

I hate to change the primary key of an object in a system.

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Role and site

by gareth.hudson In reply to roles in an ID ?

The problem we have at the minute, is too many Production workstations are residing in the DEV OU, I was thinking this may help to force a rebuild/rename and move to Prod. The site in the name is useful for asset tracking etc. without maintaining another database - or is there a better way?

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