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    Desktop/ Network Support in Middle East


    by jimmie.kepler ·

    Has anyone worked in the middle east doing support with one of the companies contracted with the US government? Just curious about the working conditions, etc. Is the risk worth the reward?

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      I haven’t personally

      by maevinn ·

      In reply to Desktop/ Network Support in Middle East

      But I work with a few AF personnel that have deployed. Obviously, they don’t get the pay rates that a civilian would! But, most of them have enjoyed their deployments, and felt very secure in their work places. A lot will depend on where you live.

      I do know the weather: Hot. And dry. And then hot and dry. Even at night, it only gets down to 85 in many parts of the desert. Of course, not all the work is in the desert, but most of it is.

      For me, I’m struggling enough with knowing that my husband could be sent over there. I have no desire to risk it myself.

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      Risks must be weighed against compensation…

      by sccmstl ·

      In reply to Desktop/ Network Support in Middle East

      Having working in Saudi Arabia, Syria, North Yemen (before the revolution), and in Bosnia-Herzegovina for almost four years, the risk is usually worth the risk.

      Often the REAL risk is much less than the perceived risk, or the risk presented by the media. Newspeople in Iraq often put on all their protective gear and do their live reports from within a secure compound. Most recently, in Lebanon, photographers from the Associated Press took several series of photographs of the carnage, using the same dead girl’s body in different settings.

      The real risk is found within the contractor you would be working for. Most tend to treat contractors like dirt. There is where the REAL danger lies.

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