Desktop not loading on Boot.....

By zaeem_raza ·
Hello ppl..............I am using Windows Vista Business 32-bit SP-1. Now I am having a problem. When I Boot my system , the desktop icons are not showing on screen ...Instead I only see a Red Screen. Now there is absolutely no problem with the drivers or the Operating System bcause I can access My Computer via Task Manager and also can even play games and stuff. Can any1 help me out plz..

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Think back....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Desktop not loading on Bo ...

When did the problem start and what did you do just prior to the problem showing up?

You say there is nothing wrong with the drivers because you can get to the Task Manager, but that won't show you the devices. Can you get to the Device Manager and SEE the devices? Can you boot into Safe Mode?

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Still the prob...

by zaeem_raza In reply to Think back....

yup.....All Devices are shown and are enabled and working..........I didnt do anything unusual....Just reboot the system

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Explorer is not running

by LarryD4 In reply to Desktop not loading on Bo ...

Try this,
Go to the task manager and do a File "New Task (Run)" and in the open box type in
and press enter.

Wait is it still the same in Vista?? No Vista at work, just at home...

Tell us if by doing the above brings up your icons and desktop.

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It Worked LARRY.......

by zaeem_raza In reply to Explorer is not running

Thnx alot Larry............I typed in explorer in Run Box and all of the icons reappeared........nw i can see my Desktop again and work as usual......TYVM again..But here's a thing....When i reboot the system the red screen is back and i have to do the procedure again....although it takes only 5 seconds to do it but is there a permanent solution to this?

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by LarryD4 In reply to It Worked LARRY.......

Well the command to start explorer is part of a "sort of" startup script..

Go to Start->Run and type MSCONFIG and press enter.

Let me know if anything is set to NOT "normal" or checked off in the General and Boot tabs.

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I Agree Explorer isn't running here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Desktop not loading on Bo ...

So what AV Product do you have installed and is it up to date?

While it could be a Corrupt Windows File/s it could just as easily be some form of Infection that is causing this to occur.


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Avast Antivir Premium and AVG 8

by zaeem_raza In reply to I Agree Explorer isn't ru ...

I am using 2 AV at the same time.....Avast Antivir Premium and AVG 8.....I hav done a Full Scan using Both but the prob. is still there.

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Remove one of the AV's

by Jacky Howe In reply to Avast Antivir Premium 8.2 ...

they will be competing.

< edit to add >

You may have to uninstall both and then choose one to reinstall.

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Does it do it

by Jacky Howe In reply to Desktop not loading on Bo ...

when you boot up in Safe Mode.

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Problem solved........

by zaeem_raza In reply to Does it do it

I uninstalled AVG 8 and installed NOD32 3.0.6. Ran a scan and it found a BDS/VB.gkm.1 in C:\Windows\Media\Installed\lsass.exe....I qurantined that and now the system is back to normal......Thnx alot guys.....Really appreciate it....and oh yes.....I'll only keep 1 AV ....1 thing it'll surely do is to take some burden off the system.

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