Desktop not showing after system loads

By jdhay ·
I messed up big time. I was messing around with my monitor settings and I think made a mistake by setting the monitor to the wrong crt instead of LCD.
My laptop boots up fine but after Windows xp loads, I have a totally blue screen with nothing on the desktop. My mouse shows on screen but no task bar or anything. ctrl, alt, delete doesn't even bring up task manager or anything that I can see.
I've checked some of my amibios settings and currently the first boot device is IDE-0 followed by CDROM and then BBS-0.
Any help would be appreciated.

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by retro77 In reply to Desktop not showing after ...

If you move the mouse around does the screen move around too? I have seen it where the resolution is way too big for the screen and moving the mouse will make the screen pan around.

If it does, then you can get to devise manager again, delete the current monitor and reboot.

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Reset BIOS

by M.A.S. Matrix In reply to Desktop not showing after ...

Try resetting your BIOS to it's factory defaults and then save and exit.

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can you boot to

by Sue T In reply to Desktop not showing after ...

can you boot to safe mode? you may be able to see everything you need so that you can change your monitor settings back. You don't say what operating system but you may also be able to do a system restore if you are running an OS that has it.

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Desktop not showing after system loads

by mrakheel In reply to Desktop not showing after ...

Hi, My name is Mr Akheel Ahmed. i have a trick for the people who are facing problem "Desktop not showing on startup/Sys Loads.

Try This trick: Restart your system, when system load and blue screen appear open TASK MANAGER (Ctrl + Alt + Del), Now select NEW TASK option, in the text box write there EXPLORER and OK. Problem Solved....

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