Desktop on Vista's Windows Explorer

By seattlerust ·
I am trying to understand the hierarchy of Windows Explorer in Vista. What puzzles me is the top folder, Desktop. I can find no reference to it in the various books that I have read nor in Microsoft's KB. Evry source discusses the Interface called the desktop and not the folder in Explorer.

More specifically, if I note that the GUI itself actually is the very top folder of the hierarchy, then why are the User Folders (the "owner's folder")and the Public Folder given such a high status in that hierarchy? Higher even than Computer.

Can anyone give me some insight or a reference to an article which explains this issue?

Thanks very much

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First of all

by tintoman In reply to Desktop on Vista's Window ...

Desktop is not at the top of the foder structure hierarchy, The root of the folder treee as in all versions of Windows is the drive which contains your operating system, normally drive C.
ALL other folders and files are contained within that drive folder.
The reason for other folders to appear higher up in the explorer window is to give you quicker and easier access to them, the documents folder for example exists in C:\Users\Username\My Documents

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