Desktop problems

By Jamesanderson85 ·
I have a 4 yr old desktop which has finally given up, it turns on but just to a black screen and clicking noises are heard I'm assuming hear that the hdd is to blame for these?

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to Desktop problems

The clicking could be the HDD or something else, particularly since you are only getting a black screen. Try a different HDD and see if it'll boot then.

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Clicking sound

by mjd420nova In reply to Desktop problems

Is the drive spinning up?? If not, it could be the drive is bad and holding the power supply off from starting. Unplug the drive and see if it boots then, although it won't findd the drive at least it will show what's bad, power supply or drive. If still no boot, then the video card is suspect.

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not off-topic

by Absolutely In reply to Clicking sound

This might get more attention as a 'Question' than a 'Discussion', and it would fit under the 'hardware' topic.

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by liljoe690 In reply to Desktop problems

unplugged compontents to see which one is making the noise. I also feel around touching what I can to see if I can feel the noise.

ck power supply out put per wire.

on the one I had it was the power supply. the breaker started going off in it.

Buy a new power supply

good luck

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