Desktop says connected, but cannot access internet, please help!

By Anonimicon ·
I am currently using Windows 7 and FireFox on a desktop. The little icon on the taskbar showing network connection tells me that I am connected, however, any time I try to access the internet on that computer (all of the other computers in the house have access) all I get is a blank white screen on my browser.

I have tried resetting the router 3 times but it has not worked at all.

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by Starrdaark In reply to Clarifications 1387570235

A bit more detail regarding the history of this machine would be helpful. Has this machine ever connected to the internet? If so, when did it stop and any related events?

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by Anonimicon In reply to Clarification

I've had this computer for about 2 years and this issue only sprang up a couple days ago.

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Did you recently upgrade IE to 10?

by dentalcrafters In reply to Desktop says connected, b ...

I just had a laptop do something similar, it had an integrated video card in it and IE10 does not support it. There is good news, it can be solved by either doing a system restore to before you updated or if that doesn't work try to uninstall IE10 - I ended up doing scf /scannow to correct a corrupt file as IE10 never successfully installed, please check your installed updates to see if this is the case. As for FireFox I right clicked on it and ran it in compatibility mode and it was fine. Good luck!

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Newly installed software

by zineeddine.b In reply to Desktop says connected, b ...


Check your newly installed Software, perhaps one of them is making the trouble. Uninstall them and try to connect.


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by wgarcia23 In reply to Desktop says connected, b ...

did you try to use another browser such as internet explorer?

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by nash.saldanha In reply to Desktop says connected, b ...

Hi, Let us know the following -

1. What is the IP Address (If you do not know how to do this, follow step 2)

2. Start Network & Sharing Center - > Click Change Adapter Settings -> Right Click Local Area Connection -> Status -> Let me know what is the IP Address, Subnetmask, Gateway. It would be great if you can attach a snapshot.

3. Can you open Command Prompt. Go to Start -> Run -> Type cmd and hit enter -> You would get a black dialogue box -> Type "ping" (Avoid the quotes) -> Let me know the result or you can even post a screenshot.

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Have you tried a different

by Sue T In reply to Desktop says connected, b ...

browser? Have you recently downloaded and/or installed anything? Are you using wireless or ethernet? I would also run a full system virus scan and also a full system malware checker like Malware Bytes.

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by TaggartDagny In reply to Desktop says connected, b ...

try to recover windows, it may help. or uninstall newly programs, they may "steal" your connection))

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