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By GeoffMichael ·

After 2 years using this particular computer with XP Pro, all of a sudden I'm unable to place a shortcut on the desktop and the existing desktop shortcuts (Outlook Exp. Word, Excel, and Publisher)no longer open. I can open the programs normally but not via the shortcut. The error dialog box references an incorrect path, file, program.

However, if I create a shortcut and place it into a folder such as "My Documents", it will open just fine. If I drag that same shortcut to the desktop, it will not open. If I drag it back to the "My Documents" folder, it will open.

To my knowledge, no new software has been added and no manual changes have been made to the Registry.

Any suggestions will be most helpful.



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by ccthompson In reply to Desktop shortcuts

What happens if you recreate the shortcut on the desktop? You mentioned that if you placed it in your docs it works fine. Perhaps the shorcut got a glitch, it happens, but not all at the same time.

Have you tried scanning for virus', spyware, spam, ect...? Spyware or a virus could be a likely cause of this.

Hope this helps!

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by Omnicef In reply to Desktop shortcuts

Is this computer part of a domain? Maybe the desktop is redirected? If so it might cause some of these errors if it cannot find the desktop file.

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by chanmkr In reply to Desktop shortcuts

try login in as differnt user name

and creating shortcuts
if it works rename user account

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by j236 In reply to Desktop shortcuts

Being part of a domain might matter if you have a roaming profile on the network. That means that everything that takes place will be redirected to the active directory server on your network. What I'll have you do is to check the targets of these shortcuts on your desktop.

Right click a newly created shortcut to a program you KNOW is installed and managed locally. (Not a program installed on a network server.) Go to the "Shortcut" tab in its properties window. Check that the target path name is not pointing to a remote server. If you see "//servername", there's your problem. If you see a drive letter that is being mapped to a server, such as "H:/", there's your problem. Make sure it is pointing to a file on a local hard drive, meaning that letters such as the default "C:/" and "D:/" are valid.

An explanation for the "dragging back to My Documents" method. You probably ARE on a romaing profile, and dragging to "My Documents" is putting that shortcut on the network server, as opposed to your "Desktop" shortcuts being local. The steps above should aid you, assuming you are on a domain, or even without.

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by KevLev In reply to Desktop shortcuts

I would check to see under what "desktop" folder in c:\documents and settings\userid your icons are being put into. Maybe it's a rights issue for that ID. Also, try unlocking the "desktop" and then creating the shortcut to see if it's a desktop lock down issue.

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