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By KyleTE ·
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Hey Everyone,
I am in the market for a new desktop and would like some recommendations. I am finishing school and will be starting my career in database management so I need a desktop that can run multiple databases and coding software.

Thank you in advance!
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So many out there.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Desktop suggestions

Even the cheap refurb Lenovo I picked up for under 200 can do this. I did kick it up a notch by swapping in a 50 dollar 500GB SSD.

Is there a PC at school that you felt you wanted?

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Need more information

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Desktop suggestions

How much memory (RAM and HDD/SDD), Intel or AMD, custom built or off the shelf to name a few key elements. Have you considered a laptop if you will be frequently traveling ? What budget are you thinking of ?

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