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By uout ·
hi i m about to have an interview for desktop support, i know it's simple but i would like to get started by checking out the main skill needed and usuall problem and solution related to that field...

does anyone know a good place to start?

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Is it simple!

by ComputerCookie In reply to desktop support job tutor ...

Do you know what OS's and hardware you will need to support?

Do you know if they have a proprietory DB to support this role?

Are you capable of maintaing same and producing reports to senior managers to justify incomplete tasks?

If not, do you know whose software they use?

Are you capable of maintaing same and producing reports to senior managers to justify incomplete tasks?

If they don't have one, do you know how you're expected to manage the helpdesk or will you be required to create a DB to do the same?

If so, can you create one, preferably with a user friedly interface and help files that will work over an intranet/internet connection?

Do they have a legal copy of a DB application for you to use?

Smile and answer affirmative!!!

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i m looking for answers not questions, hehe!

by uout In reply to Is it simple!

ah! it's seeing your job descrip that made me think of that question (jcoo)
unfortunatly i didn't understand neither of your answers...

I m about to get an interview for the lowest it job (my first in that field) helpdesk support for offices.

It's a cunsultant company offering service for computer and netwaork and all that stuff for major int companies...(i would be in the office of that same int. company going to the white collar's desk and fix there everyday bugs)

i don't know much about the job hence me asking the question...what i know is they use WinXP/word/excel/outlook and all that basic stuff...

I have the very basic as i own a pc (well 4) but i don't really use any network so my problem are usually very easy to pinpoint...

i want to get ready for that interview by learning the typical issues office ppl get and how to solve them quickly and what are the basic step in troubleshooting office issues...

Basically where can i find tutorials for that specific job or even a forum that disscus these problems....

thanks for your quick reply BTW

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First and foremost, don't BS during the interview if you don't know stuff

by ManiacMan In reply to i m looking for answers n ...

If you're looking to do desktop support work, you'll be dealing with workstations, hardware, client operating systems, and desktop applications. Take a quick look through the topics tested on the 70-270, 70-271, and 70-272 MS exams and you'll see what you'll need to know.

If you're going to bs them, they will weed you out immediately and you'll lose credibility. If you're not cut out for the job, then don't kid yourself and study the material and prepare for it well.

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That's it, problem solved

by uout In reply to First and foremost, don't ...

that's exactly what i needed, i already past the hr interview the next step is to see how i perform mentaly the rest they can texh me but there's no harm in being fully prepared...thanks to you i will be!

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there are multiple things you should do

by szlzezezpzzz In reply to i m looking for answers n ...

you can really learn a lot about what they want by reading the job description in the posting. search monster or any job hunting websites for that job. Look at all their job requirements. that is always what you will be doing on the job. if you had some experience in the field i guess you wouldnt be asking this question so in the interview you really want to focus on your education the skills you have picked up in life. talk about real life situations that make them think you can handle whats in their job description. alot of it is troubleshooting. all troubleshooting is the same basic Idea eliminate all potential problems till you fix explain a real life situation where you have showed this skill.

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If you are trying to earn stripes

by santeewelding In reply to there are multiple things ...

I suggest you choose a right-now, today, up-to-date problem.

With a question two years old, the only person you preen is yourself in a mirror.

Cred, that is not.

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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to there are multiple things ...

The original post is more than 2 years old and the original poster may have forgotten about the same or his problem may be solved.

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by blacktechnomonk In reply to desktop support job tutor ...

You can also google any question if you get the job, remember to look at the event viewer first, then look thru google if you get an error code in the main sections. 1st Line Support is simple these days so good luck mate :-)

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