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Desktop to laptop data transfer using co

By chill ·
How would you transfer data from laptop to desktop via serial port easily?

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Desktop to laptop data transfer using co

by army45 In reply to Desktop to laptop data tr ...

Microsoft offers a great way to easily connect two computers for one way file transfers. The software is provided free as part of the WIN 9x packages, however it might not be installed on your computer. We will describe how to install the software and connect the computers using a crossover parallel cable often referred to as a Laplink cable. First some notes on configuration, make sure NetBEUI and File Sharing are installed and configured on both computers. The parallel ports on both computersshould be set to the same mode (SPP, EPP or ECP). You must change the port mode from the BIOS setup program at boot time.
NOTE: To avoid potentially damaging the parallel ports, attach the parallel cable only if the computers are powered down.

STEP 1 - Install Direct Cable Connection (HOST & GUEST)
From the desktop click My Computer, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.
Select the Windows Setup tab, Communications icon, then click the Details button.

Make sure Direct Cable connection is checked.

Click OK

STEP 2 - Initiate a Connection (Guest)
Power down both computers and attach the crossover cable then reboot. From the desktop go to the START menu then select Programs, Accessories, and Direct Cable Connection.
Sincethis is the guest computer make sure the dialog box looks like the one to the left.

Click Connect to establish a connection.

If the settings are not correct you may change them by clicking the Change… button.

If the Change… button was pressed the next step is as follows…
Since we want this computer to be the one calling the other, select the second radio button to designate this computer as the Guest.

Click Next >

Highlight the appropriate cable type. In our case, highlight Parallel cable on LPT1
Click Next >

At the next screen click Finish

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Desktop to laptop data transfer using co

by army45 In reply to Desktop to laptop data tr ...

STEP 3 - Initiate a Connection (Host)
Essentially, the host is configured the same as the guest with respect to cable type, port type and protocol. The main difference is that the Host must have a hard drive share defined as accessible by other computers and the "Host" radio button must be selected in the "Direct Cable Connection" dialog box.

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