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hi guys can anybody help me out iv got a desktop with windows xp i bought a laptop with windows vista operating system.i want to operate 2 systems on the laptop which is the best way to do it ,im a beginner thanks. ps the complete desktop harddrive data must be copied to the laptops harddrive

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Here is an easy guide

by IC-IT In reply to desktop to laptop

It also points out the biggest issue with doing this; finding drivers for your system that will work with XP. You can google support for your manufacturer. For example, if it's an HP, Google hp support. Then click on the link to drivers and software.

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Ding Dang Caught in a repeat post ,NIT> ;-)

by IC-IT In reply to desktop to laptop
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If you are unable to find all the required

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to desktop to laptop

XP Drivers you can use a Virtual Machine option like VMWare.

M$ have a similar product that I understand doesn't work anywhere near as well as VMWare it's called Virtual PC and is available here

While this adds a layer of complication it also allows you to switch between OS without the need to Log out of one and boot up the other. But you do take a performance hit on the Virtual OS.


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