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Desktop/Tower with removable hard drives

By d.arbib ·
Because I still use XPpro in both 32 and 64 bit guises on one drive, I want to be able to remove the hard drive and replace it with Vista 32 and 64 bit

I have tried to find a manufacturer the enables the removal/insertion of a hard drive from the front panel (which would need at least 4 bays).

Can anyone guide me to a manufacturer or bespoke assembler that is willing to provide.

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Hot Swap Bay

by TheChas In reply to Desktop/Tower with remova ...

What you are looking for is hot swap drive bays or trays.

There are a number of manufactures that make these as add-ons for computers.

Outside of servers and SAN devices, you are not apt to find them as part of a built up PC.

Check your favorite computer stores and web sites.

I recommend that you select models that are made of metal rather than plastic. They keep the drive cooler.


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It also depends on how many drives you want fitted at a single time

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Desktop/Tower with remova ...

As it's possible to buy several Caddies and just keep swapping them over as required and then you only need the 1 X 5.25 inch bay available. Then you can run any OS that you please off the HDD of your choice so with 4 swappable caddies you could have the need for only 2 X 5.25 inch drive bays on a premade system.

However if you are just looking for a case with the ability to hold 4 X 5.25 inch Drives almost any of the Antec Cases will do the job quite nicely and be far more robust than anything else available on the market, but as Chas said buy the Metal type of Removable Drive Caddy as they work as a better heat transfer device for the HDD's and allow them to run much cooler as there is a solid terminal connection to the entire case to allow it to act as a heat sink to keep the HDD/s cool. Even the plastic ones with their own fan allow the HDD to run way too hot for their own good.


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Desktop/Tower with removable hard drives

by d.arbib In reply to It also depends on how ma ...

Thank you. Yes I am totally aware that one can assemble a new system with one and only one front removable HDD.

But, having assembled two desktops in the past, I recognize that doing so is reality not much cheaper than buying a new computer which will have this facility incorporated.

The problem seems to stem from manufacturers using cases with only 3 bays - if cases with 4 or more bays were used, then there would be no problems.

In fact, if I cannot find a supplier/ assembler to do this, I may have to buy a second desktop (or laptop) which has Vista Ultimate 32/64 bit installed.

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Well as all big makers don't offer this option

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Desktop/Tower with remova ...

Because they want the cheapest parts possible you're in a bit of a bind. You can always go to one of the Custom Builders who make Computers out of the best available components and to suit your individual needs which is slightly more expensive than makers like Dell,HP and the like but infinitely more reliable and with a far better Warranty service who will not blow away a Windows Install just because they want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the Loaded version of Windows. Of course they don't take the time to save any of your data they just destroy it completely and then when it still doesn't work will start to look for the faulty part/s.

Incidentally companies like Dell, HP or the like will not supply or support Removable HDD Caddies and even if they do have them they will be the cheap plastic things that destroy HDD's by allowing then to overheat.

So if you want to buy something like a Dell, HP or the like you could always buy one of these gut it and fit the internals to an Antec Case which would void the Warranty but give you the ability to have the number of external HDD openings that you need and a infinitely better Power Supply as well. At a very small extra cost to the original computers original cost.


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